Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Feeding the Ducks and Cookie Love

We went to the park this morning. Enjoy these fun pictures. Because it was fun...until it was time to go and neither of them wanted to. I didn't bring the wagon or stroller so I had to wrestle both of them up on my hips while carrying our stuff. This used to be easier to do. Honestly, I was more embarrassed to have the other park mommies see my pants falling down and shirt creeping up then the actual act of my kids kicking and screaming. Oh well, the first hour was really fun :)

Max and Ella threw bread at the fed the ducks.
 They're really into their sunglasses.


Ella has her first Oreo cookie. Maxwell isn't interested.
 She loves it. Check out how she washes it down with milk like a champ.


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Cristine said...

What fun!!! I noticed in the video that at one point Ella picks up a piece of bread and smells it before throwing into the water..true italian gal!!
I am impressed that they know the difference between the ocean and the duck pond...they LOVE the ocean so much and LOVE to run into the water and here they know not to go in!!! So much for them to learn..

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

OMGoodness - dying over Ella's outfit and sunglasses! We had a simliar experience at the duck pond in Phoenix. They didn't want to leave.

The other day at the grocery store my kids both threw such a fit the whole store was staring at me. It was so embarassing but I laughed about it later. You reach the point where you just don't care...Because my husband works nights I'm often by myself wrangling with 2 kids. It's really hard sometimes to control both of them.

Mrs.Doezie said...

Love your blog. Super cute kiddos too :-)

bethany said...

when maxwell grows out of that beatles shirt you should use your sweet sewing skills to make it into a pillow or something, just to keep it around longer, it's awesome!!
i'm cracking up at how the ducks are keeping a safe distance, having bread chucked at their eyes is their norm.