Friday, April 1, 2011

Beach Day (s)

The sun is here! I jumped the gun because it was over 60 degrees on Wed and took the kids to Morro Bay. It wasn't cold, but it wasn't hot. They still loved playing on the beach. Yesterday we met friends at Avila and it was like a summer day. I love where we live. They played in the ocean and ate sand. It was a sneak peak of summer.

Almost warm on Wed...

 Ella was happy to find a patch of flowers to pick.

 Max was content flinging sand. 


Really warm on Thurs! I heard on the radio that it reached 92.

p.s. I used to always win things on the radio. When I was a counselor in a town an hour away, I would call in on my drive to work and I was the concert winning queen. Yesterday I won tickets! My music taste is all over the place so I listen to lots of different radio stations. My stepdaughter Meg has been trying to win tickets to see the Zac Brown Band at the SB Bowl...I called in yesterday and won! Yay! I have a date with Meg in May :)


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Congrats on winning those tickets!

Your beach pictures are awesome. I'll have to watch the video tonight.

Why do I live in Chiago? WHY? :O)

rozanny said...

Looks so warm and fun! I'm a little jealous... it's nice here... 60s but not warm enough for swimming... yet.

mike and hillary said...

first of all: shut up about the warm sun! uuuuugh. its that time of year where we are all just sick and tired of the rain! second of all that picture of the girls where they're each on one foot is the best picture! so girly and cute!

bethany said...

i could use some central coast weather right about now!
ella's swimsuit is totally adorable. said...

adorable kids! Oh my looks like ya'll had a blast!
nice blog you have!

Victoria said...

They are so adorable at the beach!!! Love it:)