Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Party!

Mike and I went out with friends to a Halloween party Saturday night. Alongside my doctor, I wore red toe nails and a dress that was too much fun! It was the second time we've been out since we've had the babies. The first time was a quick dinner. I was nervous all week about how they would do, but they were perfectly happy with Grandma. We had such a good time and I LOVED having a night out with my husband. Does he make a cute doctor or what?

We look better when you turn your head sideways
Felt like prom with Judie taking our pictures before we went out: with the Harts and Borbas


Michael and Little Meg's Mom Jennifer and her husband Ron

Pirate Troy

Silly pictures in the car

Cave woman Kimbo

Twister Couple Amie and HB
JR and Katie (whose eyelashes looked amazing!)
Our host of the party Tiffany with Jerry (I have no idea how she got him to wear this outfit...but I'm so glad she did)
Sam and Joanne

...a really good time.


Aunt Joanne said...

What fun! Great costume ideas that I will steal next year. You look the cutest ever, Meghan.

We also went to a H. party Saturday and all night I heard, "what are you trying to be" (a wind sock)?

Bethany said...

Love this! You two do not look like parents, more college kids! So fun and man Meghan, you are one hot mama!!!! Will we get to see you all at christmas??????? xoxoxox