Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don't Blink

Maxwell and Ella are almost seven months old. How is that possible? They now have preferences and personalities. I feel like I can literally watch them grow, as they are changing all the time.

I love you babies. You bring us joy every day.


Cristine said...

They certainly bring a smile to my face and my heart!!! And you my dear Meghan are an incredible mother...this is what the Lord called you to be and you knew it when you were just a child!!

Leanne said...

oh my gosh I want to squeeze them! Look at those smiles!!!

Anonymous said...

i could never explain or thank you enough for the best brother and sister in the world. they are the most amazing little beings i have ever seen... and you are the best mother/step mother anyone could ask for.. i could never imagin my life with out you and my babies in it. honestly almost brings me to tears with home blessed i am to have the best family ever. i love you and max and ella.. and the grump more then anything. thank you for being amazing. <3lil meg