Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Mike's nephew Brad has been staying with us this month. Funny thing about Brad, long before I met Mike I used to work for Brad's parents at their photography studio. Little did I know that Brad's father is actually Mike's ex-wife's brother...such a small world. So since I've known Brad, I have been his parent's employee, his babysitter, his substitute teacher at school, and now his Aunt (sort of?), but mostly...his friend.

We have LOVED having you stay with us. You have been such a great help, but more than anything it has been nice spending time with you. Maxwell and Ella love you and Callie and will certainly miss you as much as we will. Stay here forever, don't go! We're excited for you guys and your new place. Come back soon. Miss you already.

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Judie said...

I agree that it was nice to have Brad around. I got to meet Callie (so cute)and spend a little time with her. Jasmine will miss coming over to play with Bali. Take care and enjoy you new home. Love you
Oh, and the pictures of you with Max and Ella are soooo cute.