Tuesday, June 23, 2009

16 Weeks

To our babies at sixteen weeks.


Everyone tells us you look like your Dad. You are a lucky boy because you have one handsome father. This month you have discovered your hands and you love to swing your fists. I put you in your bouncy seat and you squeal as you bat at the toys hanging in front of you. At first you seemed to favor your left hand, but now we see you using both. You are such a cuddle bug and you want to be held all the time. When I scoop you up your body melts into mine and you love to be cuddled close while you drool on my shoulder. You coo at us and you laugh when your Dad talks to you. You love to sit on his lap and read Cycle News before he goes to work in the morning. For a baby who started out so small...you have turned into a chunk! I love to kiss your chubby face and your roley poley feet. You have started sleeping better at night but you still end up in bed with us. Again, you just want to be cuddled. And I want to cuddle you back. We love you sweet boy.


You radiate joy. Your reflux and tummy must be feeling better because you smile all day long. And when I say you smile, it's like your whole person is smiling. You're a petite little girl but are strong! You want to see everything around you. You are always squirming around and turning your head so that you don't miss a thing. You've also discovered your hands and you try so hard to eat your whole fist. I love to watch you study the pictures in books. We prop them up beside you and I when come back into the room and you are still captivated by what you see. I hope you love books forever. You have turned into such a good sleeper! For almost two weeks now you only wake up once at night. I feed you, you smile, and then you go back to sleep until around 5 or 6 (out of our bed)! You and your Dad are the first ones up each morning. He hears you wiggling around and peaks over your crib. You greet him with a smile so big you even arch your eyebrows. What a happy girl! We love you Ella Vita.

Maxwell and Ella at one week.

Uncle Louie took more pictures this week. We have you in the same pose and we can see how much you've grown!

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Maggie May said...

It's illegal to be that cute!