Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flip Flop

Since these two were itty bitty babies, they've taken turns being stinkers. Every once in awhile they'll both jump on board, but for the most part if one's acting especially naughty/whinny/in need of extra attention, the other seems to take a step back and Well, someone (Maxwell) has had a hard time with listening. He had a couple really bad days and I found myself hiding in the bathroom crying- feeling like I was doing something wrong. I heard ugly words in my head telling me that when they were infants I was patient, calm and consistent...a good Mom. But now I'm falling short and I'm failing them. I heard this over and over, but the whole time I know the truth. And the truth is that I do fall short. But this doesn't make me a bad Mom. And when I found myself out of privileges to take away from my boy- they did the flip flop. This weekend Ella's been whinny and showing a little sass. Nothing out of control but a change since last week. And next week will change again. Flip flop. Maxwell has been so fun to be around. He's been silly and kind and so quick to obey. And that's just how it's going to be. Neither of them will ever be the 'good kid' or the 'bad kid,'-thank goodness. And while our parenting clearly factors into things, sometimes they'll just have a bad week. And so will I. I look forward to new beginnings tomorrow, and I'm thankful for the confidence I have today to hush the negative self talk. My heart is always for my kids. Just as they aren't 'bad kids,' I refuse to throw a pity party and call myself as a 'bad mom.' Tomorrow is always a new day. And on and on. Flip flop.

Some pictures of last week.

Literally, Scout has tripped in size. And I'm NOT happy about it. Can't I enjoy him being tiny for at least a month?!

We've had beautiful, hot weather. It's been in the 80s and we've been pretending it's summer.

Someone snuck into this picture...


rozanny said...

Isn't that they way? I prefer when they take turns than when they are misbehaving together... My brother's twins usually do it together... They gang up to open the "Don't go in there" doors, they climb on each others backs to reach the unreachable, and in record time they color in the tile grouting with highlighters...

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I don't know how those 2 beautiful looking children could ever be naughty!! They look like angels straight from heaven. :-)

We all have those moments where we doubt ourselves as parents. You are doing a great job, and kids will be bratty. They can't help it. lol

Scout really has gotten bigger!! Stop growing so fast little doggie!