Monday, April 12, 2010

13 Months

So this post is a little late. BUT, as I've said before, I'm using this as my baby book so I've got to keep up.

You two are literally into everything. I find myself starting to get frustrated and then you just make me laugh. This month you are especially interested in the toilet, the fireplace, the television, and any drawer that does not have a safety lock.

One of the best parts of the day is watching how excited you both get when Daddy comes home. If you are by the window you start squealing and waving your chubby arms around. You get so happy to see him. So do I.

Your Mama

This month you have been a sick boy! Poor little guy. I hated seeing you with a cough and runny nose. But you're better now and you're back to being a ham. Everywhere we go people always comment on what a big boy you are. It's amazing that you are still so healthy because you are not eating much at all! I try to feed you you're favorites and you still either throw it on the floor or try to knock it out of my hand. But you know what? Everyone tells me that I was a really picky eater too. So it's OK. You'll come around.

The past few days you have us laughing so hard because you are VERY proud that you've learned to stand up. That's right, all by yourself! You can get up on your own and then you look around with a 'check me out!' smile. You'll stay up for quite awhile but you're not interested in taking steps yet. That's OK. You have your whole life to walk :) You are sleeping better! This makes me so so happy! You are also a chatterbox. You like to make so many noises. And if we aren't paying attention, you'll talk even louder so we do. You continue to be a very happy boy. I love being your Mommy.

You have become so affectionate the past couple months, I LOVE it. You like to cuddle and crawl up in my lap for breaks during playtime. Unlike your brother, you LOVE to eat. Anything. Off of your plate, off of the floor, off of the driveway. You have everyone fooled. You look like a petite little thing, but when it's time for a bath we see your chubby little body. It is adorable. You are very sweet with your stuffed animals and baby dolls. You look at their faces and talk to them in this little high pitched voice...too cute. But you are also a tough girl. Your brother can play really rough with you and sometimes I can't believe how strong you are. This is going to take far little girlie.

We all thought you would have been walking by now because you speed around so quickly with your walker, but you are content to crawl. And that's fine by me. You still have moves. My favorite is when the music comes on and you rock back and forth, looking at us to make sure we're catching your smooth dance moves. Don't worry, we see them we love them.

You sure like to give me a hard time in the bath. Although you love bath time, you are determined to stand up. Don't you see this is dangerous? You give me a heart attack everyday. But I just breathe in deeply and ask you to please sit down because it is not safe. You sit, then smile, and stand right back up.

Love you so much baby.


mike and hillary said...

so cute! i loved them on the rocking chair. and its adorable how they both lay on a pillow to watch their show. you have some cuuuute kids, megs.

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Such a sweet post. One to treasure forever!!

Cristine said...

My oh my they surely are best buds!!! So fun to see their interaction with each other!! Keep the videos coming!

the little nJen said...

what a sweet post!

i love your banner :)

lindaroo said...

So sweet, all of you!
(BTW, it would be a good idea to update your profile! Unless you're really going for IVF again!)
(Someday I'll ask you how to personalize my blog. Yours is so pretty!)