Wednesday, November 4, 2009

8 Months

Maxwell and Ella,
You babies are eight months old today. And you know what? I love you more every single day.

My favorite things about Maxwell:
I love your smiles. You make me feel like everything I do is spectacular and special.
I love how you play rough and tough with your toys- you shake your stuffed animals around while you laugh, then you look at them like you want them to laugh back at you.
You grab our faces and give big wet kisses. Over and over. And over and over.
You wave at us! You wave hi. You wave bye. You just wave that hand around.
I love cuddling you all night. You are one tough habit to break.

My favorite things about Ella:
You have become a different baby this past month. You all of the sudden realized that you are hilarious. I love watching you crack up when you think you are doing something funny.
I love that you crawl on all fours like a big girl now.
I love that you sit on top of your brother until he cries, then you laugh and wait for him to laugh too...only he doesn't.
You are starting to pull yourself up! You are so strong- inside and out. We think it won't be long before you start to walk.
Even though you frustrate me when you twist and turn when I change you, I love that you know what you want.
I love how your little face turns left to right, then right to left whenever there is any action going on. You don't want to miss a thing.

Your Dad and I love you. SO. MUCH.


Anonymous said...

I love those cuties! And how lucky they are to have such amazing parents who give them so much love.


Cristine said...

Meghan and Mike thank you for sharing your babies with us...Meg thank you for all the wonderful a mom of twins can find the time with all you have going on in your day??? I thank you!! And yes they truly are the smartest, cutest and funniest babies around! I love how they have already developed their own personalities, their own likes and their own silliness!!!

Judie said...

I too want to thank you for making the time to write these beautiful stories and posting all the wonderful pictures of what goes on in the daily lives of The Becks. Max and Ella are such a blessing to all of us and I love watching them change with each day. I love you all...

Sarah R.Conley said...

I cant wait to see Ella and Maxwell again...
They are super special... but hey, I wouldnt expect anything else :)

Michael said...

I know I tell you this all the time but I can't tell you how lucky these babies are to have parents like you and especially lucky to have you documenting their lives like this. Someday they are going to look back at all this and see how much they were loved even before they were born. I love you very much.

Mrs. Davis said...

8 months already? Time is flying by! They are looking more and more like their older brother and sister. Sending them hugs and kisses!