Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two Months

Maxwell and Ella,
These past two months you have brought our family love and so many smiles. We watch you closely- looking for the little ways you change and grow every day. You have taught me...

* You like it when I sing to you when nobody is around (even if I can only think of highly inappropriate songs on the spot)
* There is no better smell than Burt's Baby lotion on you after your baths
* Sometimes, boogers have to stay there because you HATE when I pull out the blue boogie bulb * I am a patient Mom. Though I am not perfect, God has blessed me with calmness
* You are individuals. You may be twins but you are each unique in your appearance and personality
* When I'm not sure how to comfort you, you settle down when you are laying on your Daddy's chest
* Maxwell just wants to be cuddled. ALWAYS.
* Ella need only bat her big eyes at me and I melt. A puddle on the floor I tell you.
* When talking with other adults, I struggle to not talk about babies and how many times a day mine poo
* I am so very proud of you both. I beam when we introduce you and I hear my heart gush, 'I am their mother'

Two months and our lives are completely changed. I love this life.

Another video of baby pictures at two months...because I can't help myself


Cristine said...

So sweet..beautiful photos, beautiful family!

LindaK said...

It was so great to see you, your mom and the babies this weekend! you are an amazingly calm mommy! Your love for the babies overflowed to all of us! You are wonderfully dedicated to Max and Ella, but you're not carried away with it; you love Mike so much, and all your family, and your friends... It was a joy to be with you. xxoo