Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pregnant: 16 Weeks

Time is starting to go by faster and my body is continuing to grow and change. Really, I'm not sure why women always complain about wearing maternity clothes. There is no denying it...I love prego pants. I want to look fashionable and cute, but there's something to be said for an elastic band around your waist. If I'm honest, this is the first time I haven't had muffin top in years. Amazing! I can still wear cute shirts that cover the top of my pants.

Super exciting news...we find out what the babies are going to be in...6 DAYS!!!

I CAN'T WAIT! Thank you to Mike who agreed to find out. He was wanting it to be a surprise, but I'm not good with surprises. I just have to know! I have been waiting so long to be pregnant that I want to enjoy this part. I want to decorate and buy cute things. It's another experience that's going to make feel even more real. The doctor we'll be seeing is a specialist in SLO that we'll be seeing monthly. It feels good to know we are getting such good care. Because we're having twins we'll be seeing my regular OBGYN once a month, and this doctor once a month as well. I think. We'll find out more at our ultrasound appointment next Monday. (You know, Monday, when we get to find out what we're having :)))))))))))))))))))))))).


Cristine said...

What a great visual diagram of how the babies are fitting into you...no wonder you are having a hard time breathing etc!

Molly Swanson said...

Megs, i can't wait til tomorrow! Call me when you find out...and in case you have a girl and you can't think of a name...'molly' is pretty cute...and it starts with an M...perfect!

huyen thu said...

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